Are You Lucky In Love? - Find Out From Your Marriage Line

Also known as the 'Line of Sexuality' or the 'Love Line', the marriage line denotes various factors related to marriage or to relationships with sexual partners. The marriage line begins from outside the palm and extends into the palm towards the Mount of Mercury. Contrary to popular belief, multiple marriage lines do not indicate that a person may marry more than once. In fact, only clear and long marriage lines symbolize the union of marriage. Short or faint lines simple represent infatuations or deep affection towards someone.

Variations Of The Marriage Line

A straight marriage line is a good indicator of an enduring romance or solid marriage relationship. If the marriage line is seen as sloping towards the heart line, it denotes repeated strains in the marital relations or chronic ill-health of the partner. On the other hand, if the marriage line seems to slope towards the little finger, it may indicate a long lifespan of the marital partner.

While a light, long marriage line indicates romance, a deep line points towards marriage. If the marriage line lies quite near the heart line, it suggests an early marriage between the ages of 14 to 20. If the marriage line runs close to the mount, it indicates marriage between the ages of 21 to 28. If the marriage line runs close to the ring finger, it indicates a late marriage between the ages of 28 to 35.

Markings On The Marriage Line

Generally, having any marks on the marriage line is not considered as a favorable sign. Tiny marks along the marriage line may suggest the existence of extra-marital affairs. A cross-life marking on the marriage line may indicate a broken engagement or a broken marriage. An island mark on the line represents an unhappy and unsatisfied marriage.

Beware of a marriage line that ends in a star-symbol - it shows that the marriage would soon end in an explosive state of affairs. Branches along the underside of the line indicate a partner who is likely to cause much heartache. Branches that rise above from the marriage line show an absolutely happy and satisfied marriage.