The Heart Line - Reflecting Your Emotions

Since it relates to emotions and relationships, the heart line is one line on the palm that most people are keen to understand. The heart line begins at the edge of the palm below the little finger and extends as a straight line or as a curve towards the area below the index finger or the middle finger. Most often, it is one of the most clear-cut, deep and well-colored of the main lines on the palm.

Just as the name suggests, the heart line symbolizes all matters associated with the heart - your emotions, inner feelings, humane qualities, sexual desires and loving nature. The heart line is also a good indicator of your attraction to anyone of the opposite sex.

Contrary to popular belief, you cannot time any event in your life based on interpretations of the heart line. This is because, though the heart line may tell you what may happen in future, the line is not really reliable in predicting the time of event. However, you can always get a reading of your heart line done to find out the reason behind certain recurring events in your life like failed relationships, repeated setbacks in career or unhappy periods in marriage.

How Is The Heart Line Connected To Expression Of Love?

The Heart line may be classified into two main types - a straight heart line and a curved heart line. A straight heart line denotes a passive and submissive reaction when it comes to romance. When in love, people with such straight heart lines prefer to be at the receiving end. These people are also less expressive about their feelings, but tend to think about their partner all the time. Straight heart lines are found mainly on the palms of women.

A curved heart line usually ends at the base between the index finger and middle finger. People with curved heart lines are very active in love and aggressive in romantic advances. These people are also very expressive and demonstrative of their love. Interestingly, curved heart lines are most often found on the hands of men.