The Health Line - Your Personal, Palm-Size Health Record

As the name suggests, the Health line denotes the health record of an individual. The Health line begins at the Mount of Mercury and extends all the way down to the Life line. However, in most cases, the Health line does not have a definite ending point. A study of the Health line reveals the health of a person and any sickness that he/she may have experienced.

While some people may have deep and thick Health lines, other may possess thin Health lines resembling a strand of hair. If the Health line appears clear and steady, it is a sign of good health throughout the life of a person. If the line appears broken at a point, it signifies ill-health. If the Health line is broken in several places, it indicates severe and chronic illness. If you find the Health line absent on your palm, consider yourself lucky - it denotes an excellent state of health, robust constitution and a strong nervous system.

Interestingly, the Health line is one of the most dynamic lines on the palm. It is often subject to change as a result of fluctuating conditions of health. While the Health line may appear threateningly deep during the first few years of life, it fades away almost completely when the person gains in strength and health. The Health line may again appear when the person is over-stressed or when he is about to come down with severe illness.

If a palm features the Health line, the best position for it to be would be straight down the hand, without touching or approaching the Life line. If the health line happens to touch or throw branches at the Life line while crossing the hand, it is an ominous sign that indicates poor health due to stressful conditions at work.

If the Health line seems to branch out from the heart line, it points to a sure weakness of the heart or a sever heart disease. This is especially true if both the Health line and Heart line are broad and deep in appearance.