Significance Of Finger And Thumb In Palmistry

In palmistry, the shape and length of your finger and thumb are powerful indicators of your personality and temperament. An expert palm-reader can easily determine your character on the basis of the shape of your thumb, appearance of fingers and the kind of angle made by the thumb and the index finger. Let us take a look at each of these factors.

Understanding The Importance Of The Thumb

Since a thumb is representative of your whole hand, most palm-readers consider the thumb as more important than the lines in the palm. Even the tip of your thumb speaks volumes about your personality. A conical or pointed thumb tip indicates an impulsive nature, while a square-tipped thumb indicates practical sense. If a bulb-like tip suggests a violent nature, a flattened thumb tip signifies energy and impatience. If the tip of your thumb bends far back, it points to the artistic traits in you.

Let Us Move On To The Different Types Of Thumbs:

Long thumb - A person with long thumb is usually an intellectual who is completely independent-minded and self-willed. Such a person is also capable of controlling people.

Short thumb - If you have a short thumb, your decisions are probably not your own thinking, but influenced by others. You may also be highly emotional with an avid interest in music, poetry or painting.

Flexible thumb - A person with flexible thumb is extremely capable of adjusting to any kind of situation and greatly interested in accumulating wealth.

How Does Your Finger Reflect Your Character?

Each of your fingers signifies the degree of certain traits present in your character. While the forefinger represents your levels of confidence, ambition and ego, the middle finger is an indicator of your discipline and balance. The ring finger stands for your creativity and emotional expression, and the little finger shows how good a communicator you are.

Next, let us learn about the length of fingers. Long fingers suggest an academic and analytical person. On the other hand, short fingers represent a practical yet intuitive nature.

More details about a person's character, past, and future can be derived from the shape of his fingers as follows:

Pointed fingers - A person with pointed fingers is a good conversationalist and is a cautious and flexible intellectual. Due to their communication skills, such people are usually engaged in careers that demand constant interaction with people.

Conical fingers - People with conical fingers are beauty-conscious, intellectual and quick-thinkers who prefer to live in rural surroundings. Although they are capable of quickly assessing a situation, sometimes they tend to be dominated by emotions.

Square fingers - People with square fingers are usually established entrepreneurs with great business acumen. They are also amazingly down-to-earth, practical and systematic.

Spatulate fingers - People with spatula-like fingers are creative, adventurous and energetic. Even though they consider work to be their top priority, they also have a taste for outdoor life and travel. Such people adopt a practical approach to life.

Straight fingers - Such people are straight-forward, frank and quite impulsive. Due to their honest nature, others may often take advantage of these people. Despite being impulsive and energetic, such people take time to think clearly and go on to become great achievers in all fields of life.