Discover Your Destiny From The Fate Line

The Fate line is also called the 'Line of Destiny'. The Fate line begins from the middle portion at the base of the palm and extends to the base of the middle finger. To put it simply, the Fate line is the upright line that can be seen in the center of the palm.

The Fate line is regarded as an indicator of all important aspects related to the life of a person. The line contains references to your educational preferences, career successes, major obstacles faced in personal or official life and much more. The Fate line also denotes various circumstances that are beyond your control. Most importantly, the Fate line reflects on the various choices you have made in your lifetime and their subsequent consequences.

Interpretations Of The Fate Line

A deep and strongly-etched Fate line represents a person who settles down into a disciplined pattern of life quite early. On the other hand, a weak or faint fate line suggests a person who is restless and tends to change jobs quite often.

A Fate line that begins at the very base of the palm depicts a person who has planned out his future at a very young age. If the Fate line abruptly ends at the head line, it denotes a person who somehow traveled away from his ambitions between the ages of 30 to 40 years.

In most people, you will find the Fate line trailing off at the heart line. Very rarely, you come across people with a Fate line that extends all the way to the middle finger. Such people may be seen to remain active even in their old age.

Sometimes, you may see two Fate lines on a palm. This is mainly found in the case of people who pursue multiple careers simultaneously. Such a double Fate line is considered to be a lucky sign since it promises a distinguished career.

Finally, if the Fate line is absent; it denotes the unstable nature of the person. No wonder, Fate lines are absent in the palms of most alcoholics and drug addicts.