Getting To Know The Basic Hand Types In Palmistry

The science of palmistry in deeply connected to the basic hand types, shapes of fingers and nails. There are six main classifications of hands on the basis of their shape. Let us take a look at each of them.

The Elementary Hand

The elementary hand is characterized by a large and thick palm, short and clumsy fingers and short nails. People with elementary hands are generally indifferent to life and tend to be solely concerned about the basic affairs of daily living like eating, working and sleeping. Although they lack imagination or enthusiasm, they may possess a cunning instinct and can get extremely violent if provoked. Elementary hands are usually found in laborers involved in heavy work or people engaged in violent sports activities like boxing.

The Square Hand

Just as the name suggests, the square hand features a square palm, square fingers and square base of fingers, square wrist and square nails. The square hand may also have a large thumb. A square hand suggests a logical and practical person with qualities like punctuality, honesty, reliability and discipline. While this person may have little imagination, he makes a great friend and an honest business partner. Such a methodical person is most likely to be a businessman, lawyer, engineer, scientist or doctor.

The Spatula Hand

The fingers of a spatula hand resemble the flattened end of a spatula. The real identifying factor of a spatula hand is the large, crooked thumb. People with spatula hands are wildly independent, extremely adventurous and highly energetic. With an undying thirst for knowledge and adventure, such people tend to break all conventional laws of science to discover the unknown. Thought the world may look down upon then as eccentrics, the truth is that these people simply have a different way of looking at things. Such people usually excel as explorers, inventors, astronauts and artists.

The Conical Hand

You can recognize a conical hand by the smooth fingers with nails shaped like cones. The palm is usually large and thick with a huge thumb. People with conical hands are impulsive, artistic and quick thinkers with lots of ideas. However, due to low energy levels, these people rarely realize their ideas. Although they may also be eloquent, sympathetic and generous, they always seem to be known more for their short-temper and lack of patience. Conical hands mostly belong to people involved in arts like sculptors, painters, poets and musicians.

The Philosophic Hand

This hand is long, slender and delicate-looking with beautiful, long and tapering fingers and almond-shaped nails. People with philosophic hands adopt a philosophical approach to all subjects, will be highly successful in their careers and may amass lots of wealth. They can also be highly thoughtful and slightly egoistical with distinctly different way of doing things. People like thinkers and philosophers possess philosophic hands.

The Psychic Hand

The psychic hand is small and slender with smooth fingers, elegant thumb and long nails. This is one of the rarest and most beautiful hands. People with psychic hands are dreamy in nature, lethargic and undisciplined. These people are also gentle, patient and readily trust everyone. Due to their idealistic and visionary nature, these people are drawn towards music, sermons and religious rituals. Most magicians and clairvoyants possess psychic hands.