Palmistry - Your Palm Prints Speak A Lot About You

Palmistry can be defined as a branch of occult science, as per which the palm prints carry a specific message, which can be read and interpreted to get an insight into the current and future events occurring in a person's life. The concept is also considered as a proof why every individual's life is so different - they give the reason that it is mainly because we all have different palm prints.

Astrology And Palmistry

Both astrology and palmistry are branches of occult science. Their concept and the process are different from each other but the objective is the same. In both the systems, various studies are performed in order to predict the future events that are going to occur in the life of a person. This way, both the systems are actually complementary to each other. In fact, it is recommended that an astrologer must also be a good palmist. This way, they will be able to provide more accurate predictions. That is the reason why most astrologers also take a view of the palm print of the person besides looking at his/her horoscope. On the other hand, palmistry is also helpful for those who do not know their exact birth profile. They do not have a birth chart or horoscope, but they can still get their future predicted through palmistry.

Fingers Study

Palmistry is not just about reading the palm prints and lines. Palmists also study the length and shape of the fingers. They can predict about the character of a person by studying the length of their fingers. For example, those with markedly short fingers are considered as intuitive and practical. These people tend to go with their gut instinct. On the other hand, those who have long fingers are usually academic and analytical. These people tend to study everything in detail. If the fingers are neither too long nor too short, it means the person has a balanced personality. Palmists also study the proportion of the different fingers in relation to each other. The shape and size of every finger indicate specific characteristics. For example,

  • Little finger - communication
  • Ring finger - creativity, emotional expression
  • Middle finger - balance, and discipline
  • Forefinger - drive, ambition, ego, and confidence

Study Of The Color Of The Skin

Palmistry also involves the study of the specific color of the skin. It is basically associated with the health of the person. A person in the best of his/her health will have pinkish and rosy colored palm. If the hands are bluish, it means that the circulation of the blood supply is in a sluggish condition. Dead white hands on the other hand indicate serious lack of circulation. If the person has red hands, it is a sign of high blood pressure.

Palmists have classified the two hands of a person in two categories - active hand and passive hand. The active hand is the one that you use to write with. In most cases, the right hand is the active hand and the left one is passive, but obviously not necessarily. The events in your childhood are predicted by studying the passive hand while palmists study the active hand to predict the current and the future events in your life.