What Is Numerology - A Basic Introduction

If you are not quite familiar with numerology, the first question that you might ask is, what is Numerology? Numerology is the study of the occult manner in which the numbers reflect certain aptitudes and character tendencies. Numerology is used to help determine a person's personality, strengths, talents, emotional reactions, inner needs and obstacles that need to be faced and won over. Numerology has been in use for well over 10,000 years to reveal the secrets of love, health and success.

A Belief

Numerology is based on the belief that everything in the universe has its own vibrating frequency. Once you know the vibration rate of any object, you should be able to establish the qualities and energies that are associated with that object. Numerological analysis of the vibration rates associated with one's birth date and name provides significant insight into one's personality and character.

How It Works

So how does Numerology works? Numerology is the study of numbers. The numbers that numerologists study are mostly derived from your birth date and name. The birth number is derived by adding up the birth date. For example, the birth date of John Smith is 10 October, 1948. His birth number will be derived by adding 1+0+10+1+9+4+8=33=6. In Numerology, every letter is assigned a number. Numerologists just add up the numbers assigned to the letters of your name to reach your number.

Besides the birth and the name numbers, numerologists also look at other key numbers. They apply simple mathematical formulae to the numbers representing your name and birth date and come up with four major Core elements and twenty to thirty modifiers. Symbolic analysis of these four major Core elements and modifiers help the numerologist to offer a complete and accurate analysis of a person's character.

Core Elements

The Core elements are the heart of a numerology report. The four major Core elements are Life Path, Expression, Soul Urge and Birthday. The Life Path number is the most important in the Core. This number describes major lessons that a person will learn in life.

Next is the Expression number, which describes person's potential talents. The Expression number is derived by adding up the number values of all the letters in the name.

The Soul Urge number is the third most important number in Core and it describes the inner motivation of a person. This number is derived by calculating the sum of the number of all the vowels in the full name of a person.

The Birthday number is the fourth element in the Core. It describes important personality characteristics of a person. It is the least important number in the Core and relates to the day that one is born on.

Based on the birth number, name number, four core elements and modifiers, numerologists come up with a numerology report. The Numerology report consists of symbolic analysis of these numbers. In Numerology, each number has a symbolic meaning. So if you want to analyze a person's character, you must understand the symbolism attached to each number. For example, people associated with number 1 are independent, pioneering, administrating, and have leadership qualities.

So as you can see, Numerology is the study of numbers. And this basic introduction to what is Numerology will get you started. You can start by analyzing your own numbers or that of a friend and see how accurate this analysis would be.