Ruling Number 9 In Numerology

Those born on the 9th, 18th and 27th of any month are governed by the ruling number 9. This number is governed by planet Mars. These people are usually aggressive, courageous, quick and dashing. They are very lucky in their career and financial matters. Money comes easily to them and they also have the habit of spending extravagantly. They should ideally control this habit so that it does not become a classic case of easy come and easy go.


They are very concerned about the betterment of the world. They are very romantic, generous and selfless human beings. They view people as individuals and have an innate love for other human beings. They are involved in humanitarian and philanthropic activities. They give without giving any thought to rewards. Since this is very difficult to practice, they have to constantly balance their personal needs and ambitions against their desire of helping others in need.

Natural Attraction

They are usually attracted to people born between July 21 and August 20 and between November 21 and December 20. They also have a natural likeness for people governed by ruling numbers 3 and 6.

They are always ready to make sacrifices for the betterment of the world. As far as career options are concerned, they do great as designers, photographers, politicians, lawyers, teachers, healers, statesperson, writers, philosophers and artists.

Negative Qualities

They can also be aloof, distracted, moody and possessive by nature. They are often disappointed with their achieved results.

Their lucky colors are blue and green. If you are shopping for your lucky stones, then topaz, pearl, ruby, and blood stone should be on your list. Monday, Tuesday and Friday are your lucky days.