Ruling Number 6 And Your Personality

Those born on the 6th, 15th and 24th are ruled by the ruling number 6. This is a number that corresponds to being comforting, supportive, helpful, loving, balanced, and responsible. People with this number have the ability to help, serve and comfort those who are in need. Since these people are so caring, very often, people turn to them for help. Thus, these people are more likely to take more than their share of responsibility. One of the challenges of these people is to realize that they are not responsible for everything and everyone.

Love And Sympathy

Number 6 is governed by the Planet Venus, which corresponds to love, sympathy and adoration. These people are very creative, artistic and aesthetic. They are naturally attracted to people born between August 21 and September 20 and between December 21 and January 20.

Though these people are not into accumulating wealth, they are usually well off in life. They like spending extravagantly. Those who are born on the 6th usually become a singer, dancer, comedian, or musician. These people are very charming, lively and have interesting conversations. They are very loving people and have a deep sympathy for humanity.

Born On 15th

Those born on the 15th make very good administrators, as they have the innate capability to carry authority. They are also very ambitious and are determined to achieve their goals. Though they are gentle by nature, they have very strong convictions. They care deeply for their family. Sometimes they worry a lot and due to that, become depressed easily.

Lucky colors for number 6 are green, orange, and violet. Emerald is their lucky stone. Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday are their lucky days.