Ruling Number 5 And You

If you are born on the 5th, 14th and 23rd, you are governed by the ruling number 5. Ruling number 5 is governed by the Planet Mercury. So what does it say about you? Well, it tells us that you are likely to be very shrewd, mentally alert, hard working, diplomatic, and very intuitive.

Your Qualities

You have the capability to do almost anything that you set out to attempt. In fact, you like to do several things at a time. You are an individual with a variety of talents and usually have lot of opportunities to use your talents. Since you have so many opportunities to use your talents, you need to focus your energies on a limited number of projects rather than trying to attempt all of them.

People born on the 5th are very quick, agile and active, both mentally and physically. They are good at expressing themselves, thus make great orators. They are very motivated and often finish what they start out to do. They love their family life and are very helpful to those in need.

Those born on the 14th are hard working, patient and practical by nature. They have a very magnetic personality and are usually liked by those around them. They are very cooperative and avoid confrontations.

Some Negative Traits To Watch Out For

However, some of them do have problems in committing to one relationship. They can also lack discipline and are easily distracted. They are also impulsive by nature. They are often over indulgence in the sensual pleasures.

They make a great sales person, promoter, entertainer, scientist and travel agent. If they want to succeed, they would need to be disciplined and focused.