Ruling Number 4 - What Does It Say About Your Personality?

In numerology, the ruling number 4 is governed by the Planet Uranus. People who are born on the 4th, 13th, 22nd and 31st are governed by ruling number 4. They are generally very energetic, forceful, and progressive. They are also very detail-oriented, precise, organized, and very practical. They are very honest, dependable and trustworthy.

Personal Characteristics

They are also very hard workers. They are very good at jobs that require long hours, hard work and attention to detail. They are good at establishing new routines and maintaining the existing ones.

People who are born on the 13th of any month also have good leadership skills and love being in charge. They have very structured thinking and act with precision. They are very efficient in whatever they do since they plan everything in detail. They are also very courageous and boldly face any dangerous situations.

People who are born on the 22nd have great organizational skills and do well in positions of authority. They have a great sense of pride and you will never find them compromising their honor. They usually find the first half of their lives full of struggles and hardships; however, in the latter half of their lives, they are able to realize their dreams and accomplish their goals. Since not that many people are compatible with them, they tend to lead a lonely life. However, they are always very confident about themselves.

They are successful as bankers, accountants, managers, scientists and lawyers.

Negative Qualities

On the other hand, they can also be quick tempered, fault finding, rigid and sensitive. Sometimes they find it very tough to deal with changes, as they are very conventional in their approach.

Lucky colors for ruling number 4 include ultramarine blue and golden. Their lucky stones are topaz, amethyst, and turquoise. Wednesday, Friday and Saturday are their lucky days.