Ruling Number 2- What Does It Say About You

Those who are born on the 2nd, 11th, 20th and 29th of any month are governed by the ruling number 2. This number is governed by the Moon; therefore, those with the ruling number 2 are usually idealistic, dreamy in nature, and highly imaginative.

Your Traits

People with the ruling number 2 are very cooperative, sensitive, close, balanced, and supportive. They are very sensitive in nature and are keenly aware of the other's feelings as well. They are greatly touched by everyone's emotions. They would understand and appreciate even a word or a gesture. Since people with number 2 are very sensitive, they have to learn to balance their sensitivity so that it contributes to their well-being. They have to be careful that they do not become resentful due to their sensitive nature.

People with ruling number 2 are very gentle and cooperative. They are great team workers since they can sense how others feel. They have great organizational talent. They are also very artistic, loving, humble and peaceful. They are usually the power behind the throne. They are usually very calm and cool in nature but can be moody too. They are attracted to people born between October 21 and November 20 and February 19 and March 20.

Since they are very sensitive, they can suffer from low self esteem. If you do not watch out for yourself, you can suffer from depression and lack self-confidence. They hate confrontations and criticism and thus avoid them.

Career Options

People with ruling number 2 usually make great healers, teachers, counselors, musicians, designers, architects, diplomat, and advisors.

Pearl, diamond, moonstone, and agate are considered to be lucky stones for people with number 2. Blue and indigo are the lucky colors and your lucky days would be Sunday and Tuesday.