Ruling Number 1 And What It Means

Numerology is the study of numbers. In numerology, each letter has a numeric value which corresponds to a cosmic vibration. Numerology studies the mysterious ways in which numbers reflect certain traits and characteristics in a person. In numerology, numbers have symbolic meanings. Moreover, numerologists apply various calculations to derive Life Path, Expression, Soul Urge, and Ruling numbers. In this article, we will discuss the ruling number 1. The Ruling number is your birth date. If you were born on the 15th, you simply add 1+5 and you get your ruling number 6.

Some Traits

In numerology, number 1 is governed by the Sun. People with ruling number 1 have leadership and administrative skills. These people often rise to high positions in business and politics. They are very independent and pioneering in their respective fields.

People with number 1 are very individualistic, ambitious, goal-oriented, courageous, inventive, and successful. They have strong will power and are often unconventional in their approach. They have unique approach to problems and that is what sets them apart. They make great leaders, managers, entrepreneurs, inventors, scientists, and businessmen.

Negative Traits

However, there are certain negative traits that can be attributed to people with number 1. They are stubborn, aggressive, dominant, selfish, egoistic, and attention seekers. They demand respect and always want to command. However, it is very unlikely that one person will have all these negative traits.

Those with ruling number 1 are attracted to people born between 21st July and 20th August, between 21st November and 20th December and between 21st March and 20th April.

Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday are the lucky days for those with ruling number 1. Lucky colors would be red and scarlet. And lucky stones include ruby, emerald, moonstone, and pale green stone.