Virgo Love Compatibility With Scorpio

Virgo love compatibility with Scorpio can be really good. Virgo expresses mutable earth while Scorpio is fixed water. Both are prone to analyze and survey themselves as well as others. Both of these signs wish to improvise in each and every area.

Both can become immensely dependable and faithful friends or lovers. Scorpio is ruled by Pluto while Virgo is ruled by Mercury, and generally there is good connection between these two star signs. Virgo is the sign of friendship and lifelong commitment to happiness for Scorpio and Scorpio is the sign of communication for Virgo. The Scorpion has the quality of understanding a Virgo completely without spoken words; this can be extremely soothing for a Virgo. On the other side Virgo tends to bring out the gentler side of a fiery Scorpio. The love relationship between these two can be very enduring and long lasting.

Both Virgo and Scorpio are very demanding people. One of the common difficulties that this relationship can have is that sometimes a Scorpio is too intense for a Virgo's calm nature. The undemonstrative Virgo can have trouble in keeping up with the highly expressive Scorpio. They are very different in the sexual arena as well. Virgos can be very sensual but they appear rather restrained in public and feel self-conscious or embarrassed about open display of sexual or emotional feelings. On the other hand, Scorpio needs intense and passionate kind of sexuality to feel completely alive.

Generally, these couples have a wonderful and satisfying life together. The combination of these two signs also shows great friendships and special intimacy among family members.