Virgo Love Compatibility With Pisces

Virgo love compatibility with Pisces can be great. Virgo is mutable earth and Pisces is mutable water. They are bang opposite in the Zodiac wheel. This is a strong case of "opposites always attract", and when Zodiac signs are opposite each other, they have a common thread that binds them together. This is a kind of a magnetic combination.

Virgo and Pisces both are too sensitive for their relationships and have totally different ways of expressing their love for each other. They actually have a lot to learn from each other. But when these two signs get along, they have fire in their relationship and they feel like they have found their soul mates.

One major area of concern in this relationship is that Pisces is over sensitive and temperamental while the Virgo is too critical and rational. Their way of expressing themselves in love is quite different from each other. Pisces by nature is a dreamer and kind of lives in his own imaginative world while Virgo is a doer.

Virgos by nature are perfectionists, rational, efficient and critical. Pisces people are compassionate, sentimental and have the tendency to help the needy haphazardly. Pisces see love as a beautiful and emotional experience and the Virgo's cautious and restrained attitude towards sex is not going to satisfy his/her desires. These two signs are actually quite sensual but both of them have the tendency of being moody and pessimistic.

Virgos are organized and efficient in all their public as well as private affairs. Pisces tend to be undisciplined, disorganized, imaginative and artistic in their approach. For the perfect balanced relationship between a Virgo and a Pisces, moderation is the key apart from loving their partner compassionately.