Virgo Love Compatibility With Leo

Here is a good possibility for a solid relationship. Virgo is mutable earth and Leo is fixed fire. Leo's generous nature would overlook Virgo's criticism, while Virgo is satisfied with Leo's deeds and his lovable and humorous nature.

The couple's sexual life would remain heated with Virgo's emotions and he/she would try to excite and satisfy the partner. Leo would have great respect for Virgo's intelligent and alert approach. The combination of a Virgo and a Leo is formidable one but both sides would have to make lots of adjustments to make the relationship work.

They are quite different in expressing their love for each other - Virgo would show love in a restrained and quieter, often more practical ways while Leo tends to express love by exhibiting grand romantic gestures. Virgo's sensuality is quiet and enigmatic while Leo is affectionately passionate. Virgo has a very modest display of love and affection and the dramatic Leo would find this to be very prim and proper.

Virgo is organized, disciplined, efficient and hard-working; Leo is incredibly playful, somewhat lazy and humorous. Leo always yearns for praise while Virgo can be quite critical. Leo is highly optimistic, Virgo tends to be pessimistic. Virgo has less power in comparison to Leo.

Virgo has a way of efficiently and professionally completing every task by remaining behind the scenes while Leo can be dominant and will always tend to stand out and be visible to everybody.

The love relationship between a Virgo and a Leo can be successful provided both partners go the extra mile with their efforts to satisfy their partners. They need to do a lot of adjustments to be able to express or receive love the way they want it.