Virgo Love Compatibility With Gemini

The Virgo love compatibility with Gemini is more dependent on other factors in their charts. Virgo is mutable earth and Gemini is mutable air. When these two meet, they tend to have different approaches towards life and lack the basic understanding for each other. Both of them are ruled by Mercury and hence they can have excellent communication. Both of them value intelligence and there can be some mental attraction between both of them. But these are the only common qualities.

These two signs form a natural square in Astrology, which indicates a conflicting and challenging relationship. Virgo finds Gemini too irresponsible while Gemini considers Virgo as too shy. A Virgo can be quite critical at times but the Gemini would usually ignore these criticisms and this can be the reason for greater problems.

Gemini finds the Virgo quite boring. Sexually they are quite different. Virgo has some set notions about sexual behavior while Gemini has wavering ideas about it. Initially, they may have passionate fire in their sexual relationship, but once that is over, Virgo would start complaining and Gemini would wander around for some other partner to fulfill the sexual desires.

Virgo wants constancy and trust in the relationship while Gemini flourishes on variety and tires easily of a love relationship that becomes too conventional. Virgo becomes too worried about the carefree and outgoing approach of Gemini. Virgo is very sensitive in matters of love while Gemini has a happy-go-lucky nature. If Gemini can ease the worry and stress, the relationship still has the chance of survival. The association between a Virgo and a Gemini can be quite short lived and may not sustain for a long time.