Virgo Love Compatibility With Cancer

Virgo love compatibility with Cancer can be quite exciting. Virgo is mutable earth and Cancer is cardinal water. These two have the utmost comfort level between themselves and they get along splendidly. When these two come together, there will be a productive combination of energies on all the levels.

Virgo by nature is a practical person and offers a strong base for the relationship while Cancer is more emotional and capable of making the relationship pleasurable. They are caring and loyal. Both of them have different ways of expressing their love. Virgo is more into choosing practical ways which provide substantial benefits, while Cancer is more compassionate and caring.

Virgo is quite judgmental while Cancer is more tolerant in nature. Virgo needs to constrain their tendency to criticize as Cancer is more sensitive and may not be able to take the constant demands for perfection in all situations. Cancer has great expectations for emotional security and they find Virgo as the prospective partners who'd provide them that security. Virgo is very practical and analytical in nature while Cancer's approach would always be emotionally motivated.

One major threat to the relationship between a Virgo and a Cancer is their caring nature. Each one of them has the tendency to look after the person they love with too much passion, and this can actually make life intolerable for each one of them. The love relationship can become much more interesting if Virgo can be little more expressive and warm towards Cancer. The association of these two signs can also mean great friends and the strength in the relationship can have a rocking romantic union.