Virgo Love Compatibility With Aries

Virgo love compatibility with Aries is quite doubtful. Virgo is mutable earth and Aries is cardinal fire. Their interests and basic nature are so different from each other that attraction or relationship between them seems fairly unlikely. Their natural behavior and emotional approaches to situations are very different. Virgo always thinks and analyzes before doing anything while Aries wants to jump directly and finish off quickly. Virgo is cautious and worried while Aries is enthusiastic and lively.

Another contrasting quality between these two signs is that Aries are always excited and stimulated while Virgos are quite calm with the desire for safety. In fact, Aries' competitive and impulsive nature can sometimes leave the Virgo feeling quite insecure. Virgo by nature is quite cautious and shy while Aries is more rash and fiery. In case of work, the Aries likes to do everything quickly and impulsively without thinking too much. Virgo, on the other hand, is meticulous and thoughtful in everything they do.

To succeed in the sexual field, Virgo and Aries both have to be very patient since they are too different in their sexualities. Aries are passionate and impulsive. Virgos are quite restrained in sexual behavior and take some time in revealing their enigmatic sexuality. In the monetary department also they are bound to have conflicts since Virgo is very cautious about spending and believes in saving while Aries can be a very impulsive buyer.

For the relationship between an Aries and a Virgo to work, it will take a lot of effort on both the sides. They will need to do many adjustments to synchronize. Otherwise the relationship is not going to be very pleasant.