Taurus Love Compatibility With Taurus

Taurus is ruled by planet Venus. Taurus love compatibility with Taurus can work either ways. The similarities can work for them or against them. For example - stubbornness and refusal to try new things can be an obstacle and hinder their relationship. Taureans are practical, reliable, dedicated and faithful people who love nature and quiet areas where they can lead life in a healthy way. The rigidity and lack of initiative can be a problem in the relationship. They can do with little more passion and some adventure in their life. They have a strong bond of friendship and respect each other's desire for luxury and financial security. They are very caring. They understand and get into a relationship slowly but give their full dedication if they decide to go for it. They can even grow more possessive on one another. If they have difference of opinion they can find themselves fighting for ever. It works best when the pair works together keeping in mind their common goal to achieve.

Taurus and Taurus can together make power, money and families. They are sensual people and there is physical attraction between them. You can easily fall for a Taurean. They are loyal to their partner which helps them fall madly in love with each other. But after a while their sex life might need some initiative or boredom can step in.

Taurus and Taurus are faithful to one another which takes them to great heights in a relationship. They believe in a strong, secure and long lasting relationship.