Taurus Love Compatibility With Sagittarius

Sagittarius is mutable fire while Taurus is fixed earth. Both of them are intelligent but have needs they are poles apart. Taurus is practical and quite content with routine stuff. He will find it difficult to understand Sagittarius. Sagittarius always goes after something in life and does not relax even for a little while. He is a restless explorer. He is a fire sign and so has abundant energy. He loves to visit health centers but is not accompanied by Taurus who does not pay too much attention to the importance of fitness. Sagittarius loves to travel and explore new things while Taurus prefers a quiet and relaxed time at home.

Taurus is happy with security and helps Sagittarius reach their ambition and dreams. Sagittarius wants novelty and adds variety and fun to the life of a Taurean. Taurus is ruled by Venus (love and beauty) while Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter (philosophy, luck, optimism). Together they can have a steamy rapport but they need to take time to understand the energy emanated from their relationship. If you win a Sagittarian's love he will be willing to make compromises to make the affair make.

Taurus will be instantly attracted to sensual Sagittarius and will stick with him for good. He is a serious and sensual lover but Sagittarius has an easy attitude about sex. He finds Taurus very comforting and loving and will have a good relationship even after the attraction dies down. Taurus love compatibility with Sagittarius can have a stable and long term relationship once they understand and accept each other's differences and views.