Taurus Love Compatibility With Libra

Taurus love compatibility with Libra can be really good. Taurus and Libra are ruled by planet Venus. They appreciate and enjoy beauty and luxury. Taurus is an earth sign and Libra, an air sign. Taurus is practical and down to earth while Libra is intellectual and classical. Libra is easy going and lets Taurus take the lead in many situations. Their friendship may have a slow beginning but with time they understand that they have a lot in common and then they develop a lot of respect for one another. They complement each other in many ways and consider emotion and pleasure to be important aspects of life. Libra can help Taurus view life from different angles and Taurus in turn helps a Libran overcome indecisiveness. They have charming personalities and desire to live in harmony.

Taurus and Libra together share a love for beauty, luxury, romance and love. They can tend to be lazy and snobbish because of a Taurus' possessions and Libran's intellect. There can be arguments if Taurus is very possessive and Libra is social and flirty. They need to understand and accept each other's views in order to have a long standing relationship. Taurus is a fixed sign while Libra is a cardinal sign. The initiation of a relationship is by Libra while Taurus keeps the momentum going.

Taurus seeks for Libra's beauty and social gestures and this is how they balance their relationship. Libra brings Taurus into light and helps him see life with a lot of optimism. Libra gives a shoulder to Taurus when they have bad fights. They have a strong sexual attraction and their relationship only gets better with time.