Taurus Love Compatibility With Leo

Taurus Love Compatibility With Leo are very different, though they do have some similarities in their views. Taurus is stubborn while Leo has stubborn pride. They may not get along very well because of this stubbornness. Taurus is ruled by Venus while Leo is ruled by the Sun. They are both affectionate and demonstrative people who like good things in life. If this facet is highlighted, they both can share a good relationship. They both can be possessive and faithful to their respective partners. Taurus looks for security, solid foundation and proof of love while Leo always loves to be respected and be the centre of attention. Leo expects and demands appreciation and flattery and likes to be at the top in all respects.

You will find that Leo is good at initiation and Taurus is good at execution. Both of them love the material world and Leo likes it in a luxurious and extravagant manner. They are both good at making money. However, being quite inflexible, they have to make compromises to run a smooth relationship. Leo loves to go out and be social and daring unlike Taurus.

Leo finds passion and sensuality with Taurus. They have a great sex life. Taurus usually sticks around through good and bad times which make a Leo feel secure. Taurus is a keeper of friendship and believes in long lasting love which makes Leo fall in love easily. Leo shows passion and as a lover takes Taurus to a higher plane of love. Taurus should be sensitive to Leo's pride and emotions in order to have a blissful and joyous relationship.