Taurus Love Compatibility With Gemini

Taurus and Gemini really have to work together to have a good harmonious relationship. They have very little in common and even their temperaments greatly differ. They get on each other's nerves quickly making the relationship very tumultuous. Taurus finds Gemini very unstable and carefree while Gemini finds Taurus with old school of thought refusing to have fun in life. Taurus is ruled by Mercury and Venus is with Gemini. For their friendship both of them need to give time to understand the complexities in their bonding. They should be willing to give and take and take time to settle in and have a dependable relationship.

Taurus and Gemini have different views on life. Taureans are practical while Gemini are intellectuals who find the down to earth nature of Taureans hard to accept. Taurus can help Gemini experience the depth of life while Gemini can teach Taurus to add fun and frolic in life to have more excitement in their lives. Taurus should provide Gemini with sufficient independence and space. Taurus requires a sensual partner and Gemini is smart enough to be the lover, romantic, sensuous partner that Taurus craves for. Sex can either be awful or fun. Gemini may flirt around but they give a lot of importance to a relationship. Both the partners need to make compromises in order to have a long term meaningful relationship.

Taurus love compatibility with Gemini can go well, it is important for the both the partners to communicate and understand one another in order to have a stable and happy relationship.