Taurus Love Compatibility With Aquarius

Taurus love compatibility with Aquarius is not a very favorable combination as Taurus is fixed earth and Aquarius is fixed air. Taurus is very conservative, sentimental with a lot of emotional attachments while Aquarius is outgoing, social and tries a hand at everything. Taurus and Aquarius hardly approve of each other. Taurus finds it hard to keep an Aquarian satisfied at home. Aquarius finds routine boring and has to look for challenges. An Aquarius finds Taurus has a great base support but will not admit to it easily. An Aquarian is very open and self expressive in a relationship while a Taurean needs comfort and security. They have few common interests but have the desire to succeed in life. If they value each other's friendship they will have a strong bonding. If their ideas differ they can be constantly at each other's throat.

Aquarius enjoys their space and freedom while their partner prefers to have a more stable and slow lifestyle. Taurus like to see each other on a regular basis while Aquarius find the partner demanding and even tend to forget their date if something else crops up. Taurus is ruled by Venus (love) and Aquarius by Saturn (karma) and Uranus (rebellion).Taurus prepare for the future while Aquarius take life as it comes and do not worry about the future. This can make their romance a little tough and tense.

Taurus has a strong sex drive which can be least of the priorities for Aquarius. They are passionate and expressive at love while Aquarius is hardly passionate. They will however be instantly attracted to the sensual Taurus. They can be a strong pair when they come together. Taurus and Aquarius, both have strong personalities which do not dominate one another. If they can work out their differences they can have a wonderful long term relationship.