Scorpio Love Compatibility With Virgo

Scorpio and Virgo are potentially good matches, although not exactly perfect. These sun signs have a considerable amount in common, such as their practicality, their understanding of life, their interest in dissecting society and developing an opinion of their own. However, they are two different kinds of people, in terms of their personalities. While Scorpios can sometimes be too direct, brash and raw, Virgos are more composed, articulate and polished. This reflects in their attitude to different situations, which varies in the way they handle it. Scorpios believe in going all out and risking it, while Virgos tend to weigh the grounds they are treading on, and accordingly act. They do not believe in risking too much of themselves to anything or anyone. Scorpios, on the other hand form close ties with people they believe in or like, or they get too affected by an idea or analysis. This fact is not taken too well by a Virgo. They are sensitive towards dealing with people and situations and would rather maintain a low profile.

The Scorpio is also known to be brutally honest, when it comes to opinions and also tends to dominate during conversations. The composed Virgo might have problems adjusting to this brashness or openness of the Scorpio. Sexually, they do not have very passionate relationships. Scorpio believes in being an experimentalist when it comes to sex, and being rather wild, whereas Virgo does not like too many frills when it comes to the bedroom. Virgos are not aggressive enough for the Scorpio and this factor needs to be handled in terms of either one of them adjusting a little. They have what it takes to nurture a good relationship, and if they work at it, theirs can turn into a successful relationship.