Scorpio Love Compatibility With Taurus

A relationship between Scorpio and Taurus is a little dicey. Both these sun signs are stubborn and possessive. While Taurus is a little on the calmer, relaxed side, Scorpio tends to be overtly emotional and impulsive, due to which their partnership can face problems.

These two signs are very sensual and passionate, because of which their sexual life is more than pleasing. It is often noticed than Scorpio-Taurus couples enter into relationships based on physical attraction, and stick to each other mostly because they cannot bear to stay away from the satisfying physical play they indulge in. Both these sun signs have huge sexual appetites, and this is a major factor in keeping their relationship alive.

They do not need to worry about either one cheating, as they themselves are so physically satisfied. It is true however, that only a physically satisfying relationship is not enough for a couple to be happy with each other. They need constant reassurance from each other that it is a long term relationship they are thinking of. Scorpios tend to connect more on the emotional side, and therefore look for partners who will connect to them from deep within. Taurus however, likes to treat the partner as a personal toy. This also can cause a few problems, and a lot of understanding and maturity is required from both the partners to handle such differences. Taureans and Scorpios can have a mutually satisfying relationship, if they connect well, intellectually, and also share common interest and hobbies.