Scorpio Love Compatibility With Scorpio

Scorpios-Scorpio relationships are the biggest irony of them all. This is a relationship between two exactly identical personalities, with similar temperaments, similar approaches to situations and similar reactions. Ideally, a sun sign match between the two partners should have been the best of them all, because it would require little understanding of each other's personalities as both of them are alike. However, this is far from the truth. Since they are so similar, it is difficult to complement each other in any situation. Both the partners are equally aggressive, demanding, stubborn and jealous. Therefore, any kind of argument turns the house upside down. The saving graces in this sort of relationship are their similar approaches to love and relationships, and also their attitudes towards sex.

Both the partners will be lucky to share the same views of everlasting relationship and commitment. Both will crave for emotional connect and great bonding. This can lead to a very satisfying love life, in the sense that neither of them needs to be insecure about their partner's views on commitment. They will however face problems if they are jealous and possessive about every little thing. They can have an incredibly satisfying sexual life, and this can be a cause to heal all their problems outside the bedroom. They are both intensely passionate individuals, who will appreciate and participate in their wild passionate rendezvous in bed. If they ever break up, it will be because of an emotional outburst from either of them which was said in impulse, and they will always patch up in the sexiest ways. This relationship, although not recommended for marriage, might work out in short term relationships.