Scorpio Love Compatibility With Sagittarius

It is predominantly difficult to sustain a Scorpio-Sagittarius relationship, as both individuals have different personalities. Sagittarius is too much a flighty bird to be caught in a Scorpio's nest. Sagittarius people need their freedom, and appreciate space in relationships. They can even be labeled as flirts, as they do not hesitate to explore possibilities, if given the chance. They believe in fanciful, light relationships where a lot of humor is involved, whereas Scorpios are the serious brooding types who require serious rooted relationships. This can pose as a great danger to the otherwise happy Sagittarian.

Scorpios cannot tolerate infidelity of any kind, and are also very demanding in their relationships. They want complete control over their lovers, so much so that they try to possess them emotionally. Scorpios also love focusing on their house. They love the idea of staying together as a couple and making the home look good. Sagittarians are not very open to idea of being with someone, and staying home and doing things as a family. Their bags are always packed and ready for an adventure of some kind, even if it means walking away with someone else, leaving their partner behind. They are too free spirited for the Scorpio to handle and this can result in serious complications in a relationship or in marriage. Sagittarians are also very fond of socializing and forming new bonds with people. Scorpios, on the other hand, are reserved in terms of forming new bonds. They might be compatible in bed, which is one of the only reasons they might be in a relationship.