Scorpio Love Compatibility With Leo

Scorpio and Leo are both very strong willed and dynamic individuals with a passion for life. They are equally ambitious and possess strong individual streaks. They are both known to have their own say in things they feel are worth arguing about, and will not budge from their stand. They are reluctant to change, and do not like to be undermined. These traits can spell discomfort for the couple, but it is possible to overcome these problems with intelligence.

Since Leo is fiercely strong willed and tries to be in-charge, Scorpio should understand and lie back a little when there is an argument, and put across their point at a later time. The dominant nature of Scorpio then needs to be controlled, or this it can lead to many arguments. Scorpio is also very jealous and possessive, a trait that Leo will not necessarily appreciate. Scorpios are inclined towards their partners and believe in monogamy, whereas Leos though being very loyal are not as attached or bonded. This can lead to a one-sided affair, where one of the partners is craving for commitment.

Scorpio is very short tempered, and tends to get irritated pretty soon. This needs to be handled effectively by the Leo partner. These two signs share the same intensity in sexual relationships. Because both these signs are typically dominating, they enjoy a mutually satisfying sexual life filled with surprises. It is mostly because of sexual attraction that a Scorpio-Leo couple comes together, and the Leo feels very proud of having acquired an attractive partner. The relationship lacks romanticism, but it can be fulfilling as well, depending on what the aim of the relationship is.