Scorpio Love Compatibility With Gemini

Scorpio and Gemini are poles apart. A relationship between these two signs is very tricky, and should be thought of carefully before initiating. Both these sun signs have their own individual traits and personalities, and once they start coming in each other's way, it becomes difficult to lead a harmonious life.

Gemini is very lighthearted, flighty, and social whereas Scorpio is known to be the exact opposite. They are serious, reserved, stubborn, demanding and secretive individuals. Scorpios tends to form close ties with people they like, and this could mean emotionally draining relationships too, where they demand a lot of time and patience from their partner. Scorpios are also very serious and ambitious. In case of Gemini, this is not so. They are lighthearted by nature and do not like to live life extra cautiously or seriously. They would rather enjoy solving a crossword with friends than sit at home with their partners and contemplate their future. This can cause a major clash in the Scorpio-Gemini couple.

The Scorpio likes to be alone, and likes to love passionately, to the extent of being extremely jealous and possessive. Gemini however, does not share this opinion. They like to interact with people and have a good time. They take time to commit to their partners, and once they are in a relationship, they like to keep it open and full of fun. It does not necessarily mean that his life is restricted to only his partner. This fact does not go too well with the Scorpio lover, whose heart and soul is only reserved for his partner.

Also, Scorpios like activities that require less cerebral involvement, and require physical effort, emphasized by the use of hands. These can range between surgery to pottery to sex. Gemini, on the other hand, likes to stay in, and indulge in more intellectually stimulating games. They like to show off their intellect when the occasion arises. Scorpios consider this a waste of time. A relationship between individuals of these two sun signs needs a lot of understanding to thrive.

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