Scorpio Love Compatibility With Capricorn

A Scorpio-Capricorn couple will have no astrological problems in a relationship. They will be able to form a safe, loving and lasting relationship. Forming the relationship might take time, as both the partners will play the 'wait and watch' game before they open their hearts to each other. They start by befriending each other, and then taking time to grow together. Since both are a little suspicious and reserved, emotions will be kept hidden in their hearts for very long. This relationship, once formed will be everlasting. Scorpio's intense passions and emotional needs can be easily handled by the Capricorn, as they are very patient and doting lovers. They are also very emotional lovers, but not as jealous and demanding as Scorpios. Scorpios tend to be fiercely dominating in love. Capricorns, on the other hand, are not as emotionally bonded as a Scorpio is to his lover. A Capricorn can even behave aloof and distant at times. This is not because the Capricorn feels any less strongly. In fact, most times even the Capricorn is as madly in love with his partner as she is with him. However, a Capricorn is not comfortable expressing each and every emotion to his partner.

A Scorpio will always ask for emotional security and stability, a need Capricorn has no problems fulfilling. They are not capable of enjoying fun, light hearted relationships. They will always look for committed relationships. Sexually, they have a satisfying life, and Scorpio's aggressiveness will be coupled with Capricorn's undying stamina, due to which they will tend to indulge in each other very satisfyingly. All in all, theirs is a comfortable, safe relationship.