Scorpio Love Compatibility With Cancer

Both Cancer and Scorpio are water signs, which mean they relate well to each other. This combination is surely a match made in heaven. Both the sun signs are extremely compatible with each other, and it is seen that these couples have the most perfect marriages. Their personalities complement one another and so it is possible for them to live harmoniously.

Cancer is the quiet, responsive one out of the two and therefore gels very well with independent and fierce Scorpio. Whenever, there is a fight between the two, it is mostly Cancer who gives in and makes up. Cancer is the ideal partner for Scorpio as there is no room for misunderstanding. Cancer, being loyal and committed provides the perfect haven to a Scorpio who craves emotional commitment and bonding. There is no need for either of the two to be jealous, as both partners remain equally loyal.

During a fight, Cancer tends to withdraw and sulk, thereby putting a point across non-verbally, whereas Scorpio tends to act resentfully. Cancer is sympathetic towards their partner and others, and Scorpios often mistake this for sentimentality. Cancer is also very particular about sexual relations. They are loving and passionate but not wild. Scorpio, on the other hand is very aggressive when it comes to expressing their love in bed, and this is often confused as lust by the Cancer lover.

Both these sun signs are water signs, because of which they express a wave of emotions, sometimes showing warmth and at other times holding back. They sense vibes from each other and know what mood their partner is in. This combination is one of the best and make for one of the most successful partnerships in love and marriage.