Scorpio Love Compatibility With Aries

Scorpio is known to be the most intense and passionate sun sign. A Scorpio likes a meaningful relationship, and does not like to remain in a useless association. Both Scorpio and Aries are fiercely independent, extra passionate and quite intense. They like to explore the dangerous side of loving, by being extremely obsessive and aggressive.

Aries likes to tread dangerous ground, and Scorpio willingly joins in. Although, the partnership is seen to be of very short term, as their individual egos clash. They are known to be attracted to Aries because of their independent streak, and this becomes a problem later on for the two egoistic partners. However, Aries sometimes like to be left alone, and also tends to detach from a seemingly meaningful relationship. This is not appreciated by Scorpio, as they crave for a successful long term relationship. Scorpio also tends to hold on to past resentment and grudges, whereas Aries and fights and forgets.

They both harbor ill feelings for long. This can be a cause for a lot of misunderstandings between Scorpio-Aries couples. A partnership between the two is not recommended, as they are unable to maintain a successful long term relationship. If a couple really wants to get together, either one of them will have to let go of their egos and focus more on keeping the relationship happy. Scorpios need to be particularly careful, in terms of controlling their jealous streak as this could spell harm. Aries needs to make extra effort to be a little more emotionally attached to their partners.