Scorpio Love Compatibility With Aquarius

Scorpio and Aquarius will be a tricky match, as both personalities are very different from each other. While Aquarius is idealistic, heady and practical, Scorpio is intensely passionate and intuitive. The emotional outbursts of a Scorpio can really surprise an Aquarian, because he will not understand what the fuss is all about. An Aquarius is the epitome of unpredictability, and this might irritate the ambitious Scorpio. Aquarius also likes to keep friendships, and is highly sociable. He remembers all his friends' birthdays, attends parties, is connected to his family and is more of a people person. Scorpio however, prefers the solace of being alone in quiet corner, not having to worry about the world. These euphoric phases are quite a regular feature for the Scorpio. This will not be taken too well with an Aquarian, who does not believe in sending out mixed signals or being indecipherable.

The Aquarius also believes in keeping his freedom, and using it even after he has entered into a committed relationship. He does not necessarily like to cuddle all day in bed, or like to be together all the time. He may like to go out with his friends as a group, and have good fun. Scorpio tends to stabilize an Aquarian by not appreciating his unpredictable ways, and being extremely arrogant to him at times, just to put their point across. Scorpio and Aquarius will have a good sexual relationship, as both of them are not wary of exploring each other. While Scorpio is very passionate, Aquarius is imaginative and this helps in sustaining a good sex life. A relationship however, needs to be well thought of, as a lot of misunderstandings can take place between the two.