Sagittarius Love Compatibility With Virgo

Sagittarius is a water sign and Virgo is an earth sign. The two signs are poles apart and their union brings to fore the age-old conflict of freedom versus stability.

Sagittarians are known for their unpredictable, philosophical and care free nature. They aim for the stars. Virgo, in contrast, is practical and realistic and would like to plan for a secured future. These two signs are better off as friends or colleagues than as spouses, which otherwise would need lot of understanding and tolerance to work out their mutual differences. Virgo being a perfectionist can be critical about the sloppy and careless ways of a Sagittarian.

Compatibility between the two signs therefore could be a rocky experience. A Sagittarius believes in personal freedom while a Virgo prefers a stable and secure relationship. It would be therefore hard for Virgo to confine the other into a relationship. Sagittarius are careless about their financial security and may get annoyed with Virgo's belief in having proper planning for achieving financial security.

What can actually bring the two closer for a while is their shared interest in outdoor activities. Both love to travel. However, this reason is not good enough for them to stay together for lifetime. Virgo does not share the same appetite in terms of sexual relationship as compared to a Sagittarian.

They both have a very different perspective to life. Virgo prefers a specific overview of the situation whereas Sagittarius has a very broad outlook. Virgos, being introvert, may not appreciate the social and flirtatious nature of the other sign. Sagittarius would not be able to provide stability and security as desired by a Virgo. They may even feel bored in the company of a Virgo partner.