Sagittarius Love Compatibility With Sagittarius

Sagittarius love compatibility with Sagittarius can be really good. Two Archers together make a great team. Similar interests ensure that the two engage in stimulating conversation and indulge in activities together.

Sagittarius can be rightfully compared to a bird that likes to explore new things and hates to be caged in. Therefore stagnant relationship tends to suffocate them and they love to grow in their relationship.

Sagittarius shares a good compatibility with a partner of the same sign since both are wanderers and like to enjoy certain amount of freedom in a relationship. Persons of the same sign are well matched in terms of their nature and temperament. Sagittarius shares an optimistic outlook and has a youthful enthusiasm. Their sense of humor and positive outlook is what attracts persons from the same sign to each other. Chances are that their relationships would energize both the persons involved. They tend to encourage each other. However, at times they may tend to overdo it, neglecting the practical aspects in turn.

Being philosophical at times becomes difficult to feel close to each other in case both share rather different opinion on an issue. Sagittarius is rather blunt and could be indifferent to other's feelings, which could hurt the other. However, they both value friendship as well as romance. They can enhance their love life with some amount of tactfulness and diplomacy. It also needs to be seen that although they gel well with partners of the same sign, their lust for adventure and freedom can take them away from each other. At times too much unpredictability may not be suitable for a relationship to flourish. Overall, a match between the two is advisable.