Sagittarius Love Compatibility With Pisces

This romantic pair is of two curious, unpredictable people. Sagittarius and Pisces are both ruled by Jupiter making them both dreamers. Sagittarius, a fire sign, represents the philosophical and adventurous side while Pisces, which is water sign, is inward-looking, expressing the deeper side. Pisces may be attracted to the amazing Sagittarian life-force, while they may in turn find the Piscean spirituality appealing.

Sagittarius and Pisces are mutable signs and would advance the relationship as equals without the desire to control or dominate the other. The two are outgoing, lively, and social. Sagittarius is more of an extrovert. Both would however like to have a strong support to fall back on when facing confidence crisis. Pisces likes to help Sagittarius with their task and they in turn can help their dreamy partner translate their ideas into reality. These signs compliment one another and fill up for the inadequacies of their partner. This is what keeps their relationship going. Their mutual love for travel can prove satisfying.

Sexually, fire and water would produce steam. Pisces can prove to be a loyal and caring partner. This sign however need constant emotional reassurance. Pisces being emotional seek more than sex and this can cause problem for restless Sagittarius. To earn love and affection from their partner, while Pisces need to offer good times, and mind stimulating opportunities, a Sagittarius needs to ensure health, fantasy and art.

Being idealistic and romantic at heart the two well understand each other's dreams and fantasies. Pisces is passive while Sagittarius feels the need for physical activity. Since their energy levels are high, Sagittarians can lose patience while their partners retain their cool. The blunt statements by Sagittarius can unintentionally hurt Pisces who is subtle and very sensitive. This is a good match, but may require some external support.