Sagittarius Love Compatibility With Libra

Sagittarius represents fire and Libra represents air which fuels fire and help it to grow. The two zodiac signs are therefore found to be mutually stimulating. Sagittarius likes to enjoy their freedom and Libra is wise enough to allow them enough space to grow.

Sagittarius compatibility with Libra is quite dynamic. Persons belonging to the two signs are outgoing and enjoy socializing. Therefore the two are comfortable in each other's company. Libra's artistic and elegant nature appeals to Sagittarius and Libra is mesmerized by their lust for adventure. The only thing which is conflicting between the two sun signs is that Sagittarians have wanderlust and do not like being tied to one place. In contrast, Librans love home and yearn for a reliable partner.

Libra is known to be great friends as well as lovers. They are known to be wise advisors as they are more focused and maintain a balance. The impulsive Sagittarius enjoys taking risk due to their restless nature. Both the signs are willing to forgive and forget.

There is a great sexual chemistry between the two. Sagittarius likes to experiment with new forms of sexual expressions, to add a flavor of excitement to their relationship. Libra being tolerant seeks to please their partner and considers love-making an art. Libran is considered more romantic than a Sagittarian but both excel in the art of love making.

With proper understanding, they have a lot to offer each other. At times Sagittarius blunt nature can hurt the Libran's feelings. However, overall there is a great harmony between the two zodiac signs and therefore the level of compatibility between the two is perfect.