What Is Relationship Astrology And How It Helps?

Relationship astrology is a variant of traditional astrological practice. It helps to find out the relationship compatibility between two individuals based on their birth charts. Relationships can be of any type: romance, friendship, marriage, father-son, and mother-son. A high percentage of relationship compatibility seekers belong to the romance and marriage categories. Most of the other relationships form naturally and not by choice.

The traditional forms of astrology, irrespective of the country of origin, are based on a set of well-defined rules. According to astrology, an individual will have certain character traits based on the time or day of birth. In relationship astrology too, it is the position of planets and stars at the time of birth of the individuals that matter the most. However, it focuses more on the influence the stars and planets of one person exert on that of the other person. In addition, there are no rules set in stone. Two astrologers of different kinds of knowledge levels and experience might interpret the relationship compatibility of the same individual differently. The astrologer needs to have a high level of understanding about the relative interplay between the positions of planets and stars and a certain degree of intuition.

How It Works

The most important factor in relationship astrology is the position of heavenly bodies such as planets, stars, and other luminaries at the time of the person's birth. The orientation of planets, stars, and the moon varies depending on the place of birth and date of birth. The relative position of each of the heavenly bodies affects the fate of a person in his or her communication, behavioral aspects, and social outlook. Experienced astrologers can predict the relationship compatibility between two individuals based on the exact time of birth and place of birth of both the individuals.

For romantic relationships, the position of the moon is the most important aspect. There are no hard and fast rules based on the relative position of the moon with respect to the planets or stars. These positions are complex to understand and open to subjective interpretation.

How It Helps

The main advantage of this form of astrology is in finding suitable life partners. Good marital relationships are the results of finding the right mix in communication, understanding, sharing, and sexual synchronization. The position of stars and planers in one's birth chart has an influence in most of these aspects in varying degrees. In some occasions, two individuals might be inherently not suitable for each other. With the help of astrology, you can find out whether the prospective partner is suitable for you or not.

One has to understand that this is ideally suited for eliminating the unsuitable candidates rather than selecting the right person. In other words, one can shortlist two or three persons with the help of astrology. A good relationship depends on many external factors such as cultural background, financial position, and professional priorities. Therefore, one should make the final decision only after careful consideration of all such factors.

elationship astrology can foresee whether the astrological maps of the individuals contain any potentially dangerous and unalterable positions that could ruin a relationship between two individuals.