Pisces Love Compatibility With Virgo

If it is true what they say about opposites attracting, they must have been referring to the Pisces and Virgo relationship. The two of them have different personalities. Let's see. Pisces is affectionate and emotional. Virgo is unromantic, finicky and doesn't really trust emotions. Virgo tends to be a faultfinder and can be quite unromantic.

Sexually, the Virgo-Pisces union is something where the Pisces will end up feeling insecure. Virgo actually sees Pisces as rather unstable. In fact Virgo does not even like Pisces' need to depend on someone. Virgo needs perfect order and neatness, while Pisces doesn't mind chaos. One might think that there is no hope for these two, but there is. It takes a lot of hard work though. Virgo does have some of the characteristics that would complement this relationship. Practical Virgo can provide the grounding for dreamy Pisces. When these two combine their strengths, it is powerful. The attraction is definitely there, and with the sparks flying, the other mundane things can be worked at. They will begin to develop mutual respect for each other's strengths and even ignore the differences.

Controversy arises when perfect Virgo wants to base all decisions on facts and figures and Pisces believes in gut feeling. But strangely, both are the sorts who will work at the relationship, each in their own way. They will often succeed when they understand what makes each other tick. Then they will start adoring each other for what each one brings into the relationship. Pragmatic Virgo can teach Pisces to turn dreams into reality.