Pisces Love Compatibility With Taurus

Few signs of the zodiac are as compatible as the Pisces-Taurus combination. The two of them get along steadily for a lifetime and one might think that the match was made in heaven. Taurus people are practical while Pisces are dreamers. But any differences that might exist between the two can easily be overcome because of their common tendency to nurture. One of the main reasons this match works is because Pisces teaches Taurus to dream and Taurus complements Pisces by providing the realism. Both their ruling planets are compatible, with Taurus' Venus being the perfect match to Pisces' Jupiter and Neptune. This makes for a deeply spiritual connection. Love flourishes, as does the relationship.

With Taurus and Pisces, the love is strong with plenty of passion and romance. The Taurus brings in the stability and strength to the relationship. But Taurus can get a little annoyed over Pisces tendency to be over-emotional, while Pisces could think that Taurus is unfeeling to their emotional needs. Usually the Taurus male-Pisces female combination works better than Taurus female-Pisces male.

Pisces are affectionate and adore their partners when they are understood and loved. Once both help each other to see things from different points of view, and understand and accept their differences, this relationship is all set to last and lifetime. Both love life's comforts and this is a common focus. Pisces finds security in Taurus' possessiveness and authoritative nature. Pisces faith can strongly fuel Taurus practical dreams, taking them to the heights they dream of.