Pisces Love Compatibility With Scorpio

The Pisces-Scorpio relationship can be called ideal or perfect. The two are irresistible to each other. Scorpio brings a profoundly sexual depth to the relationship. Pisces simply loves the emotional support, dominance and strength from Scorpio. Even Scorpio's tendency to be fiercely jealous and possessive is something that Pisces adores and feels completely loved. In a complementary way, Scorpio enjoys Pisces dependency on them. Both these sun signs are intensely loyal to each other. Both have the characteristics of being intuitive with an affinity for the unusual and mystical.

Scorpio and Pisces instinctively understand each other since they both find what they want in their partner in this combination. One might think that they are telepathic. Pisces feels totally secure with a Scorpio. However, the two must not get lost in each other so much that they live in fantasy. Scorpio's sense of responsibility can usually take care to avoid anything that may jeopardize the union. In turn, Pisces will be fully devoted to Scorpio, admiring them for what they represent to them. The Pisces - Scorpio union is built to last, with their mutual ability to stimulate each other and enjoy great communication.

Pisces and Scorpio almost always share a special relationship that is a result of true love and romance. Almost as soon as they meet, these two recognize that there is something special. About the only danger in this relationship, which is usually overcome early on, is that of Pisces feeling too controlled by Scorpio. But the two are too close and will almost always never allow anything to mar the relationship. It is because the Pisces and Scorpio are the ideal soul mates.