Pisces Love Compatibility With Sagittarius

Happily sociable, Pisces and Sagittarius feel a magnetic attraction to each other when they meet. Pisces admires the confidence and openness of Sagittarius. Both are passionate and this accounts for the strong sexual pull they may feel towards each other. While the Pisces sees Sagittarius as someone with a powerful character, Sagittarius sees Pisces as charming and enigmatic. Sagittarius believes in telling the whole world when they like someone, while Pisces is reticent about voicing their feelings. Sagittarius can perceive this secretiveness as dishonesty.

For the Sagittarius who has nothing to hide, the physical aspect of the relationship is fun. To the highly sensitive Pisces, being physical is a sacred expression that involves the body, the mind and the soul. This basic difference in point of view can cause a little friction between Pisces and Sagittarius. Another thing about Pisces is their tendency to live in a world of fantasy. Sagittarius is essentially a truth-seeker who lives in the real world. Also, Sagittarius tends to be completely blunt in their verbal expression and this can make the Pisces feel hurt.

Making the Pisces - Sagittarius combination work is an uphill task. Pisces must work at being more realistic and Sagittarius can learn from Pisces to understand their inner emotions. Pisces is a dreamer and Sagittarius a doer who must be constantly active. Pisces are the homemaker type while Sagittarius is a wanderer. But despite all this, the two manage to get along, thanks to Pisces creative ability to keep the Sagittarius interested, while Sagittarius will thrill the Pisces with their impulsively affectionate nature.