Pisces & Pisces

When Pisces meets Pisces, they might have this feeling of looking into a mirror. So similar to each other, they can actually feel completely at ease together. Both tend to be very passionate and romantic and can sizzle in a physical relationship. To Pisces sex is an expression of their emotions that encompasses their entire being. Pisces people need their own space even though they can be sociable. One Pisces recognizes the other's need for emotional support. The two of them can be almost perfect partners with both having the right degree of understanding about each other.

While a Pisces-Pisces relationship can work beautifully, it is not free of problems. On the flip side, both like to live in a world of dreams. Both like a partner who is dependable. Every relationship needs at least one partner who is in touch with reality. In this aspect, both Pisces must put in a little work. Emotionally, since both need someone to lean on there is the danger of slipping into a state of self-pity. For this reason alone, they must wake up to reality and show commitment to the practical side of life. Since communication is never a problem between these two, some effort in the right direction can make a big difference. There is a nicely compassionate, intuitive and spiritual flavor to the relationship that can bring a good balance between them. So long as they can get involved in all areas of life together, there should be no problem for the Pisces-Pisces relationship to be great.