Pisces Love Compatibility With Libra

Pisces and Libra have plenty in common to make their relationship work. Both are affectionate, imaginative and artistic. Both enjoy life's luxuries. They are usually attracted to each other quite quickly. But there is a small hitch that has to be overcome when it comes to what each of these signs expects from a romantic partner. Pisces craves for emotional support. Libra loves the romance but can't stand being stifled by such demands. In love, physical attraction alone is simply not enough although the sex will be great for these two. Yet this relationship can be really enjoyable for both Pisces and Libra, so long as it lasts. Libra finds the ethereal aura of Pisces quite enchanting, while Pisces views Libra as the ultimate romantic partner. Libra can certainly keep Pisces in good humor with their warm wit and sociable nature. With such a happy beginning, it is only natural for the Libra and Pisces to rush into a physical relationship.

However, once the initial fire wanes a bit, Libra will find Pisces over-emotional and find it a little annoying to cope with it. Pisces wants someone authoritative to depend on. Libra takes time to make decisions and does not always feel happy about having to carry the fort. Only time can tell whether Libra and Pisces will trust and understand each other for a long-term romantic union. The heart rules Pisces. The head rules Libra. In spite of this, Pisces and Libra can be successful in a fulfilling relationship when they realize that there is more than meets the eye in each other.

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