Pisces Love Compatibility With Leo

Leo basks in Pisces adoration and flattery. Pisces loves to be made to feel special by Leo. You might think that the two signs are incompatible, but that is not true. The two signs can actually be quite complementary. However, the Pisces - Leo match needs considerable effort because of some basic personality traits.

The dreamy nature of Pisces can make Leo impatient. Leo is quite flamboyant while Pisces can be a little shy and introverted. Pisces is also sensitive. Leo is egoistic, arrogant and very dominating. Both signs are highly emotional, but there is a difference. While Leo can be very temperamental, Pisces just goes into a trance when emotionally upset. Leos are very gregarious and enjoy being the center of attention all time. Pisces loves to be romantic in a private setting. Leo enjoys freedom and likes to wander, while Pisces feels a deep need to be grounded.

In spite of all the above, Pisces and Leo just cant help being attracted to each other. Over exuberant Leo can tend to be a little overwhelming to the gentle and emotional Pisces who can withdraw into a shell. These two have to make some compromises, since it can be a challenging union. They need to understand each other's personality since this will help them work at a long lasting relationship that both will enjoy. Physically, both are drawn to each other quite quickly as both are passionate. Pisces can see Leo as magnanimous and quite loveable in spite of their extrovert and sometimes-loud nature.