Pisces And Gemini - A challenging match

Mysterious Pisces finds Gemini's wit and articulate manner very attractive. Both signs are represented by dual symbols and this common factor can keep the romance alive for a long time. Since both Pisces and Gemini are creative, they will appeal to each other. But there is the matter of Gemini's tendency to be fickle and thoughtless which hurts Pisces. Alternately, Gemini is impatient with Pisces emotional nature and dreamy attitude. Pisces, insecure, can be clinging and possessive, whereas Gemini loves the freedom to enjoy life. Yet, these two signs can enjoy sublime sex. While Gemini is usually hesitant to make a commitment to a relationship, Pisces is known for the urge to settle down. When the two do come together, the result can be a mature and sensitive relationship.

Gemini must have the patience to respect the Pisces emotional needs, however. As with any relationship, this one needs a lot of love to keep it alive. But Gemini is an open-minded sign and with their inherent humor and focus, can very well complement the dreamy Pisces. Once the two understand each other and the way they communicate, not only can the romance tingle, but also lead to a satisfying friendship.

The freedom-loving Gemini can appear insensitive to the Pisces who craves for love from his/her partner. The male Pisces-female Gemini combination works better than the female Pisces-male Gemini. This is simply because both signs have different expectations from a relationship. Yet, both forgive easily, both are intuitive, and it is this flexibility that forms the strong basis for love between these signs.