Pisces Love Compatibility With Capricorn

The one word that could describe a Pisces love compatibility with Capricorn is complementary. In spite of being quite different from each other, these two signs are very compatible. Capricorn shows strength with a dominating personality and this is precisely what Pisces wants. Capricorns make Pisces feel very secure. While decisive Capricorn provides the practical side of the relationship, Pisces brings the romance. Pisces' tendency to adore their partners thrills Capricorn.

With their subliminal abilities, Pisces senses the inherent passion and loyalty of the silent Capricorn. The sex could sizzle between the two since both are quite passionate. Capricorns are faithful and can get quite jealous when their partners are not.

Both Pisces and Capricorn are domestically oriented and will enjoy raising a family together. Emotional Pisces finds the levelheaded Capricorn very attractive. While Capricorn can teach Pisces how to be realistic but must take care not to be too dominating, or it could hurt Pisces sensitive nature.

While Capricorn find Pisces' romantic nature a little difficult to understand, they are nevertheless attracted to them. Invariably, a Pisces-Capricorn relationship begins quite slowly. This is probably because both signs can take some time to decide where they are heading. As far as a physical relationship is concerned, for Capricorns, it means commitment. For Pisces, it is a way to express themselves when they are involved. Capricorns are not very verbal about the way they feel, while Pisces needs emotional support.

In spite of the perceived differences, as long as Capricorn turns supportive of Pisces and Pisces becomes a little more down to earth, this relationship can be a great one.